Project Background

Sitting around a card table with several friends—you'd be surprised how hard it is to keep score of a game. Totally is an app created to make score keeping, tallying, and amounts easy to manage.

My Role

  • Ideation
  • Design
  • UI/UX
  • Brand & Identity
  • Marketing


Input method—keyboards are the enemy! Typing values into a text field seems like it should suffice, but the problem with that is speed. For example, if you have 8 people playing a card game, keeping track of names, rounds of scoring, and totals can take a lot of time to update every round. Key challenges included:

  • Inventing a strong feature naming convention
  • Educating users on an invisible interface


Gestures: Eliminate having to select and update separate text fields. Totally was designed around the idea of using gestures to quickly input values. As shown above, a combination of up/down swiping and one, two, or three finger alternates lets you quickly add or subtract from an amount. Simply swipe over the black pad to update your amount.

Design Language

With the problem defined, I wanted start off with implementing some useful constraints that I knew would be specific to this particular project. 

Type: The font family was chosen knowing I would need a lot of flexibility displaying numbers at different sizes. For example, in the list view Roboto Condensed works well for the small space. On a card when the numbers have room, Roboto Slab shows more detail with the serifs. 

Color: Totally is so simple (only 2 main screens). I wanted the color palette to be simple as well.

Tactility: Often times counting demands your eyes be on something other than an interface—so I added a vibration feature. When you're counting and looking away you need tactile confirmation that an input was received.

Tallies: When users first open then app they are coached through the steps of creating naming, and updating a Tally.

On a list view, Tallies have a name, number of totals, and summation of those totals.



A simple and effective UI designed for speed. Totally takes the pain out if updating tallies.