Project Background

I completed this project for SumRando at Elevator Agency. Having already redesigned their website, they came back to redesign one of their core products—SumRando VPN.

My Role

  • UX
  • Design


SumRando VPN needed a new look that reflected their new site. Key challenges included:

  • Creating a consistent design language for web and mobile
  • Educating users on the value of VPN clients
  • Getting free accounts to upgrade

Design Language


Signup and education gives users the option to create an account or login anonymously.

One of the biggest improvements to this app was labelling interface elements as clearly as possible. For example change in the status on/off to Not Protected/Protected.

We added a progress bar that becomes empty as data is used. Additionally the color shifts to reflect the remaining balance. 


I created a unified design that reflected modern mobile standards. I also established a foundation for redesigning the rest of the SumRando product line.