Project Background

Promote by AppStack, a Google Ventures Company—was created to get leads for small businesses. 

My Role

Director of Design

  • Product
  • UX/UI
  • Branding & Identity
  • Marketing


Its easier to become a doctor than setup an AdWords campaign. Small business owners are not fluent in modern technology and need an easy way to get customers online. Key challenges included:

  • Education and onboarding
  • Quickly creating a business' digital platform
  • Flexible templates for any vertical with any content 
  • Reporting Results


Promote was created to locate a business, build them a site, and create an adwords campaign—in a few seconds. Additionally every customer gets an adwords specialist to help them get the best results. 

Design Language

Identity System

Promote needed to stand out. A landscape analysis showed us the space was dominated by black, red, and blue. I chose orange to be the primary hue for Promote to stand out, and communicate the friendly and energetic nature of the brand. 

Web Guidelines we essential to keeping consistency and quickly prototyping iterations. This system was created in keynote for rapid design—and photoshop for final assets ice the keynote prototypes were finalized.

Product Strategy: Defining the vision of Promote determined how to create ads that would appeal to our customer base.

Signup Process

We found that some users didn't even realize what they were getting with Promote. Our signup process was designed to educate users on exactly what they could expect with their account. 

Initially we would send call clicks directly to businesses—but sometimes the call would not get answered. Users would be confused about how many leads we were actually sending them. To solve this we created a call inbox within the app. We made it really clear that some calls get unanswered.

Fully responsive dashboards were vital for our users. The mobile vs desktop users were split 50/50 so we have to provide amazing experiences for both.


We created a valuable, simple product that got businesses more customers. Promote was able to onboard tens of thousands of users and sent each business an average of 5 leads a week.