About Me


Sup! My name is Jed Bridges. My passion is expressed most in creating products that are unique, ethical, authentic, helpful, and high-quality.

Jed possesses an unfathomable talent for rapidly producing and refining high quality logos, icons, web application interfaces and more. His ability to think on his feet and bring even the simplest ideas to fruition continues to impress me.
— Kevin Thompson


I want to make things that improve lives.


Design is deception.


  1. Goodness
  2. Truth
  3. Beauty
  4. Knowledge
  5. Wisdom (useful application of knowledge)
  6. Selflessness (service towards others)
  7. Humility


  • Simplicity—only have what is necessary
  • Honesty—only show what it actually is 
  • Quality—only make excellence

Current Weaknesses*

  • Failure to be as helpful as possible
  • Failure to recognize peoples sensitivities
  • Temptation to approach every design the same way
  • Blaming the process that I created
  • Mild dyslexai ;)  
  • Mild addiction to pizza